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“For many years, I’ve taught university courses that are focussed on environmental problems. In my opinion, this new Fuel Well product is a unique win/win solution in this channel. Unlike most environmental solutions that involve sacrifice, this product will actually help people save money and be safer while they solve a major environmental problem.”


Bruce Tufts, Professor

Department of Biology, Queen’s University


Stale fuel compliant disposal

10 Stale fuel compliant disposal


Improper disposal of liquids such as fuel oil, gasoline, paints, diesel and even mineral oil, can lead to groundwater and drinking water contamination, air pollution and even fire hazard risks, all harmful to human and environmental health.


Fuel and other flammable liquids are hazardous and, therefore, must be stored and disposed of properly. Many of them can be recycled or reused as alternative fuels through your local automotive shop or government waste agency.




Search the web for “Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)” along with your local municipality to discover your closest depot.

Unimaginable amounts of hazardous liquids are discarded illegally down suburban storm drains and in the backwoods of delicate northern environments!




Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


Haven’t used your

engine in a while?

Instead of discarding your fuel, consider adding a stabilizer and some fresh fuel of the same blend or ratio.


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