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Where was Fuel Well a couple of years ago!


As you are aware I own a snowmobile, ATV, dirt bike, lawnmower, weed trimmer, power washer, and two boats. Needless to say I require a number of different blends and ratios for all of my equipment.


Now obsolete ,is the masking tape and the black markers that I never updated anyway as I changed my equipment. Fuel Well is a fantastic idea and provides real value, thanks for the samples.



Cottager, Outdoor Enthusiast


Wrap cable tie around fuel tank handle, tighten to optimal position.

Option A: Knock-out the two rectangular vertical perforated tabs and thread cable tie.

Option B: Knock-out the single rectangular horizontal perforated tab and thread cable tie.



Fuel Well Design

Custom substrate,

lightweight, flexible, and strong


Fluted die-cut


design incorporating

7 blends/ratios





3 slotted knockouts for universal tank attachment


Permanent marker re-writable strips, removable with standard pink eraser



Configured to 50:1 ratio


Durable protective coating



Select & knock-out the circle of your

current fuel ratio or fuel blend.


Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


Our Customers

are Our Fuel:



Option A

Option B

Wrap cable tie around fuel tank handle, tighten to optimal position.

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