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“Best investment I have made in a long time. We have destroyed three gasoline powered professional grade tools in the last two years by employees using the wrong ratio mix. I am the owner/operator of a general contracting business in Toronto. We often have students working for us and they confuse which fuel goes with which tool. The Fuel Well instrument has saved us the cost of replacement tools and lost time on a job site.


John Irwin, President,

Heritage Irwin Inc.


How to clean-up fuel spillage?



Aspiration of volatile fuel vapours has

been proven to cause pneumonia,

and pulmonary damage.



Check out the following links for additional information and removing fuel odours from spills on automobile carpets.

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Our Customers

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Solution 9


Cleaning Up Gasoline Spills

5 Easy Steps

1 A gasoline spill, no matter how small, is a serious problem and a safety risk. However, there are a few things you can do to clean a spill safely and quickly using materials that may already be available around your home.


A safety kit of these retail products is highly recommended.


2 Check for any open flames or anything that might produce a spark and remove and/or extinguish them.


3 Ventilate If you are in an enclosed area such as a garage.


4 Absorb the gasoline and the fumes emanating from the spill by using kitty litter or baking powder.


5 Sweep up the litter or flour into a dust pan. Dispose of it right away into a receptacle.

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