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“Fuel Well is a perfect fit for the OFSC Environment Program in that it helps snowmobilers organize, control and manage the contents of their jerry cans, while reducing the risk of delivering the wrong fuel into their sled’s tank.”


Ontario Federation

Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC)


What is Fuel Well?

“Creating Environmental Solutions Through Innovation”

Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


Fuel Well is a portable fuel container (PFC) contents identification tool which also possesses inherent environmental and safety attributes.


This versatile instrument simply attaches to fuel containers utilizing a standard cable tie and is then configured to the correct manufacturers recommended blend or ratio by knocking out the identified perforated circle.


Re-writeable strips allow the end-user to track refill and stabilization dates, as well as their product brand and description.


•  Fuel Well is a pro-active invention adapting to an existing product with existing channels, and existing clients.

•  Fuel Well is 100% Canadian, created, designed, and proudly manufactured in Ontario, Canada.


“Creating Environmental Solutions Through Innovation”

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