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“For many years, I’ve taught university courses that are focussed on environmental problems. In my opinion, this new Fuel Well product is a unique win/win solution in this channel. Unlike most environmental solutions that involve sacrifice, this product will actually help people save money and be safer while they solve a major environmental problem.”


Bruce Tufts, Professor

Department of Biology, Queen’s University


How to transport PFC’s

Leaking caps, unsecured tanks, spills, and non-compliant containers will put you at risk

Solution 8


Statutory Requirements & Recommended Practices


Maintain approved containers in good condition – not damaged, rusting or leaking.


Adequately seal containers with proper fitting lids, and caps to prevent spills and leaks.


Insure the load will not shift or sway in a manner that may affect the operation of your vehicle.


Secured tie down straps with a safe working load exceeding the weight of the actual cargo is essential!



Fuel must not be overfilled, and precautions must be taken to prevent overflow or spillage by providing continuous supervision during filling.

Our Customers

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Our Customers

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