End-User public survey

The Fuel Well survey conducted over an 18 month period engaged 112 end-users within the published demographics of Portable Fuel Container (PFC) users defined as:


Primary Market Place

Men 25-69 who are homeowners, cottage owners and recreational vehicle sporting enthusiasts.


Secondary Market Place

Commercial, small to medium size business owners and females 25-69 married.


Survey results uncovered a top ten frustrations list, inconveniences, and labours that end-users deal with while managing Portable Fuel Containers (PFC’s).


www.fuelwell.ca has responded in concert with our unique product and dedicating web portals that address all of these topics with a solution.





What Blend or Ratio is in the Tank?

Our end-user survey revealed that a time consuming frustration was . . .

End-users also cited a prime frustration with the delivery of the proper fuel to the correct engine.

Confusion over the delivery of the right fuel!

Is my fuel fresh or stale?

Survey says, far too often users could not remember if they actually stabilized their fuel, or when the portable fuel container was last filled.

Survey says, far too often users find themselves out of fuel at the most inconvenient time.

Is there enough fuel for the task at hand?

Where is that manual anyway?

Solution 5

Our organization has developed a Personal Inventory Specification Guide. The guide contains a sample page populated with fictitious specs as an example, and blank supplementary specification sheets in the form of Two Stroke, Four Stroke, Diesel, and Electric. The file also contains a binder cover insert page and spine. Simply download from our Tools Portal and print. 3-hole punch, and collate the specification sheets into the binder, now insert the cover and spine into the binder sleeves on the outside.

This tool will save you time, allow you collect and document manufacturer specs and place them in a secure location for quick reference.

“It’s a hassle, who cares, just guess, close is good enough”

Ratio mixing is frustrating guesswork!

Solution 6

Our Tools Portal offers an online or downloadable complimentary desktop ratio calculator which takes the guesswork out of ratio mixing.

Enter either the amount of fuel just purchased or the amount of inventoried oil you have on hand into the designated field and press RETURN. Then select the manufacturers specified ratio from the drop down menu . Your results will appear saving you time and money resulting in accurate mixes.



Many users we engaged could not recall the exact location of their fuel tank.

Where is that tank anyway?

Solution 7

Investing in a dedicated storage unit that is suitable for Portable fuel containers (PFC’s) will derive many benefits.

•  Know exactly where your tanks are will save valuable time

•  Store your oil, stabilizers, spare parts, and associated consumables in one location

• Place your storage unit outside in a well shaded area

• Lock up the unit and prevent child access




A well ventilated storage unit positioned in a shaded area may save you up to 50% of diurnal evaporation within the tank saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.


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Our Customers

are Our Fuel:


In today’s economy with the price of gas rising, it is great to see that Fuel Well was thinking about an easy to read and useful tool to not only help in the organizing of my fuels but also making it easy to save money. Well done. 



Cottager, Outdoor Enthusiast






Solution 3

Fill-in the “Refill Date” and “Stabalization Date” re-writable strips to track your investment. Simply write in the dates with a permanent marker.




Confidence in fresh fuel will reduce

non-compliant dumping, and provide efficient combustion.


Permanent marker can be removed with

a soft pink eraser or in conjunction with

most green cleansers such as MEAN GREEN®

Check out the 411 link on ethanol and additional engine care solutions at the Gold Eagle STA-BIL website.

Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 4

Solution 5

Solution 6

Solution 7




Solution 4

VISUAL snapshots of your identified fuel containers’ inventory levels. will save the expense of dedicated trips to refill and unnecessary automotive emissions.

TARGET your future fuel consumption and reserves with the assistance of Fuel Well for those unexpected emergencies and power outages.



Monitoring your fuel inventories will save the expense of dedicated trips to refill and unnecessary automotive emissions. Instead cycle your fill-ups with routine shopping trips




Identifying the power equipment that is friendly to the configured ratio or blend is the vital second step for the delivery of correct fuel to the right engine, preventing harmful emissions and extending engine life.


Permanent marker can be removed with a soft pink eraser or in conjunction with most green cleansers such as MEAN GREEN®


Sample configured to 50:1 with equipment specified



Solution 2

Utilize the “Fuel suitable for” re-writable strip. Identify with a permanent marker to brand your power equipment.




Identifying the Portable Fuel

Container (PFC)contents is the first step to delivery of correct fuel to the

right engine, preventing harmful emissions.


Solution 1

Simply knock out the corresponding perforated circle of your ratio or blend.


Sample configured to 50:1


Permanently lost or misplaced manuals are also popular results from our survey.

DIY routine maintenance users waste valuable time searching and quickly become frustrated.





A fine tuned engine will reduce harmful emissions, save time, and money. The proper documentation of your equipment with photos will provide additional creditable information to expedite insurance claims in case of theft and/or vandalism.






Start with a difference and Run with Confidence by utilizing the ratio calculator and reward the environment with compliant emission standards and extending

engine life.





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Solution 3



End-users utilizing the Fuel Well platform will reward the ecosystems without any radical change in customary habits and will automatically become improved stewards of the environment.

The Fuel Well bundled product and services platform will save time, money, frustration, while promoting safety and awareness.

“Creating Environmental Solutions Through Innovation”

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