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“Best investment I have made in a long time. We have destroyed three gasoline powered professional grade tools in the last two years by employees using the wrong ratio mix. I am the owner/operator of a general contracting business in Toronto. We often have students working for us and they confuse which fuel goes with which tool. The Fuel Well instrument has saved us the cost of replacement tools and lost time on a job site.


John Irwin, President,

Heritage Irwin Inc


Why Tag your Tanks?

•  Fuel Well provides a professional method of identifying the contents of portable fuel containers. Implementing Fuel Well will immediately allow a savings in time, expense, and frustration.

•  The Unique design features allow accurate configurations by simply knocking out the recommended fuel blend or ratio perforated circles providing a permanent identification method. Fuel Well users benefit from a simple and effective configuration process.

•  Recognizing your correct fuel will keep users out of harm’s way and allow the operator to “Run with confidence”. Identifying the correct fuel blend or ratio required for the task at hand will eliminate frustration and replace guesswork with accuracy.

•  Fuel Well integrates re-writable strips that identify your power equipment, refill, and stabilization dates. Re-writable strips will eliminate incorrect fuel delivery, alert you of fresh fuel status and reduce your carbon footprint.



•  Increase productivity with an effective and efficient workflow. Maintaining engine performance with proper fuel identification on the job will save valuable time while extending engine life, reducing fuel consumption, and spoilage.

•  Fuel Well allows a quick visual snapshot for easy auditing of fuel inventories. Audits assist in targeting future fuel consumption and allocating reserves for those unexpected emergencies and power outages. A quick visual snapshot of identified fuel levels will also save the expense of dedicated trips and unnecessary emissions to refilling stations.

•  Fuel Well has been designed and manufactured in the best interests of the end - users.

•  Lightweight and durable, incorporating properties for extended UV protection, and resistance to oil and gasoline.

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Our Customers

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